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What's New to K-State Online 9.0

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K-State Online version 9.0 was released on July 18, 2009. Feedback received from faculty members, staff and students has been used to create many improvements to K-State Online in this release. K-State Online 9.0 provides improved efficiency and load time of Course Content and Message Board, a complete redesign of Course Content, a simplified method of granting assignment extensions and much more.

Private Memo

  • Students are notified by e-mail when they receive a private memo.

Student Groups

  • Submission time is posted with the date for uploaded files in Student Groups.

Course Content

  • The Manage Files tool name has changed to Course Content.

  • The tool will not open in a new window. Instead, it opens in the main window of the K-State Online instance, similar to how other tools, such as Message Board, Roster, and Attendance are accessed.

  • State labels are Published, Published (hidden) and Unpublished. Published files are available to students in Files & Content. Published (hidden) files do not appear in students' Files & Content, but can be linked to (for example, you may want to link to a file in an assignment.) Unpublished files do not appear in the students' Files & Content and cannot be linked to or accessed by students.

  • The file listing includes a row to return to the parent directory. This row will allow the user to see whether a parent directory is unpublished, which would keep the files in the current directory from being available to students.

  • Instructors are able to reorder items by simply "dragging and dropping". The previous method of reordering by selecting an ordering number file-by-file is still an option under Preferences.

  • Item properties are consolidated to a single dialog. Item properties such as file name, publish date, description and more can all be edited within a single window.

  • The search feature in Course Content searches the recycle bin as well as the rest of the folders.

  • Instructors have the option to toggle the Folder Tree directory for navigation.

  • Course Content can now be added as a Quick Link.

  • The Flash wizard interface has been improved to be more intuitive. This Flash conversion tool is now open to all K-State Online users.

  • The course size indicator has been removed. There is no upload or course size limit.

  • Menu options have been reorganized and improved. The toolbar is less cluttered, with most options now found under Utilities.

  • New content will be labeled “New” on the student-side view, making it easy for students to find.


  • All assignment extensions and exceptions are made on the same screen, making it easier for instructors to perform these tasks.

  • The lines in the completion times report are numbered for easier viewing.

  • Assignment instructions are printed with assignments.

  • Students see how many points they have earned for an assignment on the assignment success screen.

  • Calendar events are created automatically for all assignments.

  • Instructors can see how the students answered questions for the previous submissions of multi-take assignments.


  • Announcements are automatically added to the Calendar.

Course Management

  • Multiple e-mail addresses will be allowed for a course in course management.


  • Instructors will now be taken directly to users specified in the Roster when using the ‘find user’ search field.

  • Changes made in iSIS, including added or dropped students, will be immediately reflected on the K-State Online roster.

  • E-mail efficiency has improved, making it easier to e-mail large groups from the Roster and Gradebook.