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K-State Online 9.5 Release Notes

This list includes new features from previous versions.

New features

Related Tools

  • Campus Pack Wikis & Blogs is a new tool that allows instructors to create and easily integrate wikis and blogs into their K-State Online courses. Click here for more information


  • Negative numbers may be used when creating a grading assignment rule.
  • Practice assignment scores will only be displayed in the Gradebook after a student has begun the assignment.
  • The rows on the gradebook will be highlighted gray when tabbing through the score boxes.
  • A message will notify instructors that they are not allowed to import adjusted scores.


  • Instructors can award partial credit on multiple choice questions with more than one correct answer.
  • A manual assignment can now be displayed as 'available' to students, in a chronological list, before the assignment is posted to the gradebook.
  • Exceptions deleted from the view exception page will be crossed out on the select students page instead of being removed.
  • Instructors have the ability to add and match images with text or other images for matching questions.
  • Instructors can drag & drop assignments to reorder them.
  • Instructors can add a caption to images uploaded to the homepage.


  • Instructors can set the default for the attendance sheet to absent.


  • The Librarian role is available, which allows a user to manage and configure the course.
  • The Gradebook Viewer role is available, which allows the user to view the gradebook.