Reuse My Course Overview


If you're teaching the same course that you previously taught (even if it was two years ago), you can reuse your assignments, files, message boards, and other course work such as announcements instead of deleting or starting a brand new course.

These steps will help you transfer your course files and assignments to another semester of the same course, rather than creating a new course and then re-uploading and recreating your course content.

This is not copying your course for others to use. However, you can copy assignments to another course and copy files and folders to another course.

Note:  These steps are to reuse your course for a different semester, and not a section in the same semester.  Sections in the same semester will have the same content, but different Rosters and Gradebooks.  If you do not want your sections to share the same information, you can create a new course for each section.


Reuse my Course Steps:

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How do I reuse my courses?