Create a Voice Recording

From Course Content, you can record up to 20 minutes of sound, preferably voice, and then publish the recorded file to your students similar to a podcast.  You may want to make the folder that contains your voice recording(s) an RSS-enabled folder.  

You can also create a File Dropbox that allows students to record a voice audio file from within the File Dropbox and submit those audio clips to you through the File Dropbox.  This is very valuable for pronunciation, language and other assessments that require hearing students’ voices.  

After you create a voice recording, you can put a link to it any place there's a text editor available. This includes your course's welcome message, announcements, questions, message board, and questions.

  1. Navigate to the folder where you want to create a voice recording.
  2. From the toolbar, click the New button.
  3. Click the Voice recording tab.
  4. In the Recording name box, type the name of your file.
  5. In the Audio Quality list, select the quality that will work best for your class.
  1. Click the Create button.
  2. On the Voice Recorder page, you will be able to record your voice file.

Note:  You can record up to 20 minutes of sound.  When you begin recording, your recorded time is displayed at the top of the recorder.  If you are using Remote Desktop to remote to a different computer, you will receive a "device busy" error and will not be able to record.

  1. After you finish recording, you can also do any of the following before it is saved to Course Content:
  1. Click the Done button when you are satisfied with your recording. A link to the voice recording is created in your selected folder.  To edit the recording at any point, open the link.  Remember, if you click the Record button again, you will be recording over your original recording.
  2. Publish the link, if desired.


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