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K-State Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I participate in a course?

The first step is to find and enroll in the courses you wish to take. After the instructor has added you to the roster, you may access the course by logging in to K-State Online with your eID. All admitted and registered Kansas State University students have a K-State Online account. If you have forgot your eID or password or cannot sign in with an existing eID or password, contact the IT Help Desk.

How do I get a K-State Online Account?

Anyone with a K-State eID automatically has a K-State Online account. If you would like to register for a K-State eID, go to http://eid.k-state.edu. If you have forgot your eID or password or cannot sign in with an existing eID or password, contact the IT Help Desk.

Do I have to use a computer on campus to access K-State Online?

No. Any computer with access to the Internet can be used provided it meets K-State Online's minimum requirements.

How do I know if my computer will work with K-State Online?

K-State Online requires different applications and software. To check if your computer is ready for K-State Online, take the Readiness Test.

Which browsers work best for K-State Online?

The most current version of Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer is highly recommended for both instructor and student users. Download the latest browsers from our downloads page.

Privacy and Security

Does K-State Online have a copyright and and intellectual property policy?

K-State Online adheres to the official Kansas State University policy regarding copyright and intellectual property. Please see the university's intellectual property website for more information.

Should I be concerned with the privacy of information I supply to K-State Online?

Any information submitted to K-State Online is used by instructors only for communication and official university purposes. The information is not shared with other students or persons outside of Kansas State University.

What kind of security measures are in place?

Security and privacy issues are important to Kansas State University. K-State Online security solutions comply with rigorous industry standards and are compatible with the widest range of platforms available.

This site has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. The application is located on secure and dedicated servers.

How does my eID affect K-State Online?

In order to access your K-State Online account, you must have a K-State eID and password.

With the integration of the K-State eID, all users automatically have an account with K-State Online. First time users sign in with their eID and password.

If you have forgot your eID or password or cannot sign in with an existing eID or password, contact the IT Help Desk.

Technical Support

What do I do if I am having technical problems?

If you experience technical problems while using K-State Online, please contact the IT Help Desk.

What do I do if I have forgot my eID or password?

If you have forgot your eID or password or cannot sign in with an existing eID or password, contact the IT Help Desk.

What do I do if my popup blocker is blocking content?

Rather than turning off your pop-up blocker, the best solution is to set all K-State sites (*.ksu.edu, *.k-state.edu) as exceptions in your pop-up blocker settings.

If you have a toolbar downloaded on your browser from a third-party (Google, Yahoo!, etc.), it may also be blocking content. See their documentation for further instructions.

What happens if my computer crashes or I close the browser while using K-State Online?

If your computer crashes or you close the browser window, try signing in again to continue. If you still have trouble contact the IT Help Desk.

What should I do if the system is taking a long time to load?

First, be patient. Some computers and connections are faster than others depending on a computer's specific capabilities and connection speeds. Try closing the browser and signing in again. If problems persist, contact the IT Help Desk.

Where can I get information or assistance on making my course accessible to people with disabilities?

Contact Student Access Center
Web: http://www.k-state.edu/accesscenter
Phone: (785) 532-6441

Where can I get help on creating audio and/or video to put online?

Contact iTAC's Media Development Center. You can also check out equipment such as digital still cameras, digital video camcorders, tripods and IC recorders from the MDC.
Web: http://www.k-state.edu/its/mdc/
Phone: (785) 532-7422

Where can I get K-State Online training?

Contact iTAC's Technology Training. They offer many face-to-face and online training sessions throughout the year.
Web: http://www.k-state.edu/its/training
Phone: (785) 532-7722

Can I use K-State Online to have live online meetings or lectures with my students or colleagues?

Yes. Using Wimba Live through K-State Online you can meet with anyone on your course roster in a live online classroom. Click the Wimba Live link in your course to begin using Wimba. For more information about Wimba contact the Office of Mediated Education at (785) 532-5698.
Web: http://ome.ksu.edu/services/web_presentations.html

Who do I contact if I have questions or need technical assistance?

Contact the IT Help Desk
Web: http://support.online.ksu.edu
Phone: (800) 865-6143 or (785) 532-7722